Our Services

At Impakt Training and Development, we specialize in enhancing skills and fostering positive outlooks for individuals and groups.

Empowerment Through Comprehensive Services

Explore the diverse range of impactful solutions offered by Impakt Group International, designed to enhance skills, foster teamwork, promote wellness, and celebrate cultural diversity. From tailored training and development programs to engaging sports activities and cultural experiences, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.

Our Services

we aim to foster positive, beneficial skills and outlooks in individuals, as well as in groups. We provide services for various settings, from school groups, to corporate teams.

Corporate Training and Development Services

Enhance organizational effectiveness with tailored programs like leadership training, team building, and specialized workshops for diverse employee needs.

Impak Maksima
(Maximum Impact)

Cultivate cultural awareness and sensitivity through immersive Malay cultural programs, experiential learning, and activities designed to broaden perspectives.

Positive Outlook and Skill Development

Equip individuals and groups with essential skills and attitudes to thrive in various settings, emphasizing productivity, teamwork, and personal growth.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Promote employee well-being with fitness programs like MuayFit, Zumba, HIIT, and Circuit Training, along with fun activities like Dance Off and singing sessions.​

School Training Programs

Empower students through character development initiatives, customized school camps, and educational programs that align with school values and learning pedagogies.

Impakt Sports and Fun

Foster team spirit and positive relationships through engaging activities such as BUBBABOP, Nerf War, Archery Tag, and entertainment for events like birthday parties.

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