Impakt Group International is a multi-focused Training and Development Company based in Singapore. We provide services based on our 5 areas of expertise:



•          Impakt Training and Development For Corporate and Schools


•          Impakt Sports and Fun


          Outdoor Programme Specialist (Team Impakt)


•          Impakt Wellness Programme


•          Impak Maksima (Malay Cultural Programme)


Impakt Group aims to make a positive impact on each and every of their client involved in their programs and events. We value every individual and group we work with, we consider their unique needs, and  customise the experiences we create accordingly. We identify each person’s weaknesses and work to overcome them by helping to create different strengths in their personalities – moulding strong, powerful individuals with a real sense of community and team spirit! We believe that goals can be reached much faster with team work and group effort – we help groups achieve their maximum potential!

Whether you’re a school group or  a corporate team, our professional team of experts can help you achieve your goals!



Impacting Lives



Creating a Positive Impact




Identify – Identifying weaknesses and creating strength with positivity.


Mould – Moulding lives out of you


Professionalism – Upholding professionalism and practicing competency


Adapt- Customising visions, adapting to missions


Keep- Your promise is our custody


Team- Together Everyone Achieve Maximus