1. Impakt Training and Development


With this service, we aim to foster positive, beneficial skills and outlooks in individuals, as well as in groups. We provide services for various settings, from school groups, to corporate teams.


In corporate groups, we provide various training programs that improve the skills of everyone involved in a company, from the executives to the general staff – to ensure that everyone makes positive contributions to the company as a whole. Showing a genuine interest in the emotional well-being of your workforce, and encouraging positive attitudes and patterns, is crucial in retaining and attracting high quality employees who will flourish individually; in doing so, they will help the company benefit as a whole! We understand the pressures that teams and individuals are under, in order to deliver, and we can help improve team work and resolve complex business situations!


In school groups, we provide various training programs/camps that empowers the mind, enrich the character, flourish the personality , and develop good habits of the mind of the students. We customise training programs that encompasses around the school values and learning pedagogy so as to meet to the needs of each and every of our clients. Our team of dedicated, professional ,passionate and charismatic facilitators , represents our pride and glory.


With our packages, we help to develop new techniques and insights into more productive and efficient work/school-related ethics; our packages include: 1) Leadership Training, 2) Team Building, 3) Corporate Team Bonding, 4) Character Development, 4) The Amazing Race ( cultural, leadership and/or team building experience), 5) various School Camps and fun programmes for students. 6)Specialised programs for At-Risk Students, 7)Focused Programs/Camps for Special-needs students.


  1. Impakt Sports and Fun

Having a good time isn’t only important for the development of various skills in children – it’s a great way to build a team spirit, as well as positive relationships among the members of a workforce – the better the atmosphere, the better the work produced! We offer  many different entertainment and sport activities such as 1) BUBBABOP, 2) Nerf War 3) Archery Tag and 4) Birthday Parties


  1. Corporate Wellness Programme







  1. Impak Maksima (Maximum Impact)

This is a Malay Cultural Program. We aim to develop and foster cultural awareness by exposing groups to the different people and cultures of Singapore and Malaysia. Cultural awareness will be developed through various activities and exercises that will introduce the cultures in a fun and entertaining way. Groups and individuals will be immersed into the culture and have a first-hand experience of it. We aim to create well-rounded, aware and culturally sensitive groups and individuals who are able to flourish in society and make a positive impact on the community.